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Cell phones GAH!

Hubby just called to screech about the cell phone minutes. A little background:

S1 (17)has a girlfriend that moved up to San Antonio last month. Since then, he has proceeded to eat all of our day minutes AND take a chunk out of our rollover minutes. The other FIVE...yes FIVE of us do not use that many minutes combined. Now when our phones blew last week due to a lightning strike, we were already over on the day minutes thanks to S1.

Anyhoo, hubby got S1 a Verizon because our Cingular does not work in the area of PA where S1's college is located. Supposedly the GF was also getting a Verizon plan so they could talk their fool heads off. Hubby checks on line today and S1 has already used up 392 day minutes in less than two weeks. GAH! He tried to explain to the lad that for what you can get hit in overage fees, you could buy a forkin' airline ticket and visit in person.

S1 just left a few minutes ago to drive up to see GF for the weekend, the last before he leaves for school. He has been told to get her straightened out on the cell phone rules here. sigh. If she would also get the same plan, then they would be sharing the burden here. He already does all the driving back and forth.

Is that so unreasonable? I am not, as I have been accused, trying to break them up or keep them apart. I am just not going to pay out the ying yang so S1 can moon on the phone all day. I do hope that when he gets out to school that he will not shun all the wonderful opportunities in favor of sitting on the IM or cell phone. *fume*
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