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Chores... help

Im having an issue with chores at home. In our house we have myself and my husband, ( We are in our mid 30's), my 21 year old sister is staying with us while she takes a class in our town, We also have two 14 year old sons, a 12 year old son, and an 8 year old daughter.

Someone please tell me what you expect of your kids chore-wise....
because Im at my wits end. My teens have apparently gone on strike and one is giving me the cold shoulder. The younger two will do what I ask but usually not do a wonderful job, but I try not to say anything because I don't want them to give up feeling my expectations are too high. I *think* the older two are feeling like the younger two don't have to do anything. When really all I've expected of the older two is that they alternate doing the dishes. (which they haven't done for 7 days) AND I do wash the pans that cooked any meat, because the two older ones- one is vegan and the other is vegetarian, so I don't make them wash what they are offended by (meat). Maybe I have been too slack.. I just can't work full time, and pay bills, be taxi to everyone, and keep this house clean. I told the twins last night that unless they contribute to the house cleaning that I won't be driving them here or there, or letting them go out and do all the fun stuff they do. Needless to say one came home and went to bed, the other is still speaking to me, but not doing any chores today.

I'm not a neat freak or anything... I just need everyone to feel responsible to help.
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