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you know you've entered the technological age when ...

you're pulling clothes out of the drier and a small 3x1 inch silver cylinder falls out of a pocket and you instantly recognize it as belonging to your son ... specifically his homework.

So yeah, that happened tonight. We called our 15 year old out and handed it to him then told him that it was washed and dried. His eyes popped wide open, his jaw fell to the floor and then he freaked out saying that he'll get a zero on one of his projects because his files are on the USB flash drive. And then our friend, who was over, told him that that was a worse excuse than the dog eating your homework!

We told him to let his instructor know what happened to it on Monday and hopefully they can salvage something. Our boy did say that his project was finished but he needed to turn in the files which are on the drive with the project. We also told him that he better get hopping to recreate those files he needs! :P

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