The Raging Lunatic (the_raving_loon) wrote in youwantwhat,
The Raging Lunatic

again with last night and my boy!

At around 11:30 I told my older children that it was bedtime (the baby didn't quite understand that word hours earlier and was staring at me with wide eyes at the time). My 15-year-old boy found a check point on his game and saved and my 10-year-old girl hemmed and hawed until I did the firm mama voice (which actually means, you'd better do what I say or I'm going to yell). Girl went to bed. I thought boy said something about reading so I just kind of nodded my head then I walked by the guest/family/computer room and there was my boy, typing away. He was working on homework he'd forgotten about! I pretty much blew my lid. Why? Because (and I pointed this out to him) we'd watched two movies that day and he'd been playing video games too (no outside chores because of rain). He goofed off all day and had homework to do. Yeah. I had to stop myself because I tend to run at the mouth. He tried to argue back then do a little splitting hairs about my wordage which didn't work because I told him to shut his trap and hear me out. Then I stopped. Then I told his father. Then I went to sulk, be pissed and take my annoyance out by eating swirly chocolate baking morsels in the living room. My husband told me to calm down and not say another word (he's very accustomed to my beating a putrefied horse). At first I told the boy to do his work in the morning and that he was not going to be allowed to visit with his friend who was coming over until the work was done. Then I told him that I'd changed my mind and wanted him to finish it that night and I don't care how long he had to stay up. And he did. He apologized this morning then went to play the video game before he has to give it back to his friend.
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