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or... Clean up your room because I said so!

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FINALLY a community for parents or guardians either single or not, of young people that are taller than your waist. YouWantWHAT is a place for you to come in and growl and prowl and then shout out loud if you have children that are over the age of 12. We love you, our children, but please note the giant Stay the Hell Out of Our Clubhouse sign on the door when you try to enter.

Now just a few rules (we have to have rules don't we? It is our job as responsible adults and parents to make and maintain the rules of the house)

1. No children are allowed. Parents only.
2. At the moment this is an open list, but as we grow I most likely will change it to a "friends only" community in order to maintain the privacy of the members and to maintain their ability to openly say what needs saying.
3. Please respect each other, and each person's parenting skills. We do not all raise children the same way.
4. Please support each other, don't preach at each other.
5. If you have no sense of humour, please don't let the door slam your backside on the way out.

Those are simple right? I trust you, but if you break that trust I'll have to ground your a**!

I will not stand for this
Everyone Feels This Pain
Show your support. Teach your children to come out of hiding and tell you when bullies have become part of their lives