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Monday, November 30th, 2009
1:53 pm
I need a favor.... from ANYONE willing to help.
January 1, 2009, I was let go from my job. I have had two short term temp jobs since then, but that is it. My husband was also let go Jan 9th from a job he had recently started and only found a new job (at about half the salary of his old one) about two months ago, so he was also out of work for more than 8 months. We started an online store in the hopes that it would take the place of at least one of our jobs for income, and my new job would be the running of this website. We have put everything we had left into the developing of this website and have been trying since August to get movement to it.

My plea to everyone is NOT for purchases, I am not that bold to ask such a thing, but we have been having a really hard time getting other places to link to us, which is something you need to get page ranking with search engines. When speaking with people who work with optimization, they said I really need to get links to our website out there in as many places as possible, whether anyone actually visits the site from there or not. So that is my plea to anyone who reads this.

It would be GREATLY appreciated if you could just stick up a link to our website in any forum or group you belong to... just say it is a site you found, or even that you are simply helping out an acquaintance. Maybe you don't need to say anything at all, if there is a location for links at your group or website. You can even say something negative about it, I don't even care, since it is the actual placing the link on the page that will be helping us out. PLEASE?? Anyone?

Here is our website:

We are Pathfinder Portable GPS, an online shop specializing in small, handheld gps devices.

It would be vastly appreciated. I have no clue how else to get links since I have been trying for the last two months and have a total of two so far.

Also, please know that I am going to post a copies of this plea in any of the chat groups I personally belong to so don't have a fit if you see this alot, I am only going to do it this one time because I don't want to get anyone upset. But I have to try something.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out. It truly is very much appreciated. By the way, wherever you place it doesn't have to have anything at all do to with our items at all, it is just the fact that there is a link. THANKS FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!
Monday, February 5th, 2007
11:51 pm
Hello i am new to the group n just wanted to say hi.i find it hard to find a group i enjoy.anyway i am a married woman,so there goes half my sanity.and i have a 13 year old daughter going on 14 in may n there goes the rest of my sanity.i also have two dogs n a cat so if i had any sanity left that will take it up. i usually dont have much to say so my journal will be boring. just to warn ya now .ohhh n i barely ever use capitals n puncuations . anddd my spelling is not all that great lol sorry ahead of time:) you can add me if you wish:)
Tuesday, August 2nd, 2005
12:39 am
Hello, my name is VIctoria...I am 34 years old and have four children of my own Ash who is my 14 year old daughter, Kat who is my 10 year old daughter , Alex who is my 8 year old son, and Korbin who is my 6 year old son. I also have 3 "step" children( soon to be as my fiance,Ken, and I are planning to get married next year) Britt who is 15 year old SD, Curt who is my 12 year old SS, and Steph who is my 11 year old SD....We have full custody of all 7 children. My children get to see their dad 1-2 weekends a month (i.e. whenever he can fit it into his busy schedule) and my steps haven't even gotten to see their mother in 6 months. Their mother reeks havoc on our lives and always has in the 2 years I have been with K. My two step daughters live a nonstop life of therapy sessions as they are both diagnosed with mental issues...the 15 year old with A.D.D. and O.D.D. (oppositional defiance disorder) and the 11 year old with O.D.D. We also have Ken's neice, her hubby and their almost 2 year old living with us and I have finally hit my breaking point of patience lately...which is why I have started blogging:) We live in an 18 room house that we spend much of our time remodeling and daily life is so chaotic that I feel lost in the shuffle right now....I have to be honest...school will be starting up soon and I can't wait...well for many reasons, but I also substitute teach right now and I am dieing for a paycheck!!:)

Current Mood: cranky
Saturday, May 28th, 2005
9:16 am
The Perfect Vacation....
You know how they have that hotline for kids to call when they have been abused? We need one for parents. We need to be able to call and tell someone that our kids have finally driven us crazy and that we have gone off the deep end. In fact, I propose that we all start an "abused parent resort" We will call it the "Deep End"

Welcome to Deep End Resort. At Deep End resort we have several activities to take your mind off of your horrible offspring. Take for instance our Last Nerve massage room. Has your last nerve been walked on? Well here at Deep End we have big hunky men and tiny little Asian women who will restore your last nerve via 3 hour massage.

State Laws have you down? Take a visit to our Brat N Bastard Ass Beating Parlor. You can effectively beat the shit out of life sized teenaged mannequins with no repercussion from authorities. Take out all your frustrations!

Relax in the Create a Kid lounge where you can create the perfect child via computer. Our virtual child feature allows you actually hear phrases such as “Can I help you do the dishes? “I cleaned my room and the whole house while you were gone!” “You’re the best cook in the world, can I have more vegetables?” “I’m sorry” “I’m wrong”
Yes, with Create A Kid you can sit back, close your eyes and pretend that instead of the larva you really have, you have this great wonderful kid who will never go wrong.

Hungry for a decent meal? Try the Deep End Sit and Eat Café. You can actually have a meal at the table with no screaming, crying, fighting, singing, banging, demanding more mashed potatoes, bugger picking, snot licking little rat bastards. Here at the Deep End Resort we strive to please and ease. Your meal will be served by teenagers developed, created, and brought to life by the Create A Kid wizards. They are polite and there to appease all your needs and do it with a smile.

So there you have it parents. Instead of going off the deep end, come to the Deep End!
Sunday, January 9th, 2005
10:55 am
again with last night and my boy!
At around 11:30 I told my older children that it was bedtime (the baby didn't quite understand that word hours earlier and was staring at me with wide eyes at the time). My 15-year-old boy found a check point on his game and saved and my 10-year-old girl hemmed and hawed until I did the firm mama voice (which actually means, you'd better do what I say or I'm going to yell). Girl went to bed. I thought boy said something about reading so I just kind of nodded my head then I walked by the guest/family/computer room and there was my boy, typing away. He was working on homework he'd forgotten about! I pretty much blew my lid. Why? Because (and I pointed this out to him) we'd watched two movies that day and he'd been playing video games too (no outside chores because of rain). He goofed off all day and had homework to do. Yeah. I had to stop myself because I tend to run at the mouth. He tried to argue back then do a little splitting hairs about my wordage which didn't work because I told him to shut his trap and hear me out. Then I stopped. Then I told his father. Then I went to sulk, be pissed and take my annoyance out by eating swirly chocolate baking morsels in the living room. My husband told me to calm down and not say another word (he's very accustomed to my beating a putrefied horse). At first I told the boy to do his work in the morning and that he was not going to be allowed to visit with his friend who was coming over until the work was done. Then I told him that I'd changed my mind and wanted him to finish it that night and I don't care how long he had to stay up. And he did. He apologized this morning then went to play the video game before he has to give it back to his friend.
Saturday, January 8th, 2005
9:58 pm
you know you've entered the technological age when ...
you're pulling clothes out of the drier and a small 3x1 inch silver cylinder falls out of a pocket and you instantly recognize it as belonging to your son ... specifically his homework.

So yeah, that happened tonight. We called our 15 year old out and handed it to him then told him that it was washed and dried. His eyes popped wide open, his jaw fell to the floor and then he freaked out saying that he'll get a zero on one of his projects because his files are on the USB flash drive. And then our friend, who was over, told him that that was a worse excuse than the dog eating your homework!

We told him to let his instructor know what happened to it on Monday and hopefully they can salvage something. Our boy did say that his project was finished but he needed to turn in the files which are on the drive with the project. We also told him that he better get hopping to recreate those files he needs! :P


Current Mood: hehehehehhee
Wednesday, December 8th, 2004
3:43 pm
Intro/ Hi There!
Hi everyone!
I just joined. I have three children of which one is a teen (15). The next runner up is 10 and my last will be 6mos tomorrow. I wanted to make sure I covered all age groups HAHA:D.

Anyway, I don't have any gripes for the moment. Let me introduce my demon spawn hahahha...

My teen is a boy. Fun stuff. Despite the many lapses into DUH land that my son has, we're very pleased that he is the way he is especially since we were young parents not knowing how the hell to raise a child (and we know we've made about a million mistakes - we continue to make them on a daily basis - I'm sure)... and we are still muddling through (he knows this too!). He does do his chores (even if sometimes they're done half-assed or take much much longer than needed because he's dragging), he listens to us (which is not always evident at the time we flap our gums but comes out at other times), he's considerate (for the most part but this doesn't extend to his sister -BLEH!-) and he has genuine concern for others (again, sans little sister). His grades are okay and he knows that if he wants to drive next year, he has to have a B average or better. He's making plans for the future and wants to attend West Point (but we're pushing for Annapolis! :D). He's a sweetheart. He's sensitive. He's artistic. And boy does he have his irritating STUPID moments ... that's when we ask him, "are you retarded?". Oh, another future plan of his (I'm sure) is that he's making sure his baby brother is on his side so that baby brother can torture their sister once he has vacated the nest. I know he wants our approval by very direct questions like, "Am I a good son?" or when getting poor grades "if I fail, will I be a disgrace". Did I mention that he's dramatic and that his eyes well up in a nano second? Best of all, he's patient with me and my lunatic ways :P. I don't know how that happened.

So yeah, he's decent and we're lucky he is because we didn't have a clue on how to raise a little human ... and often times I feel so very at a loss on how to make a good person. I cross my fingers that my kids will be a-okay people when they're g'rups.

Please to meet y'all :D

Current Mood: hello everybody!
Sunday, November 21st, 2004
6:33 pm
What the HELL is wrong with this youngest of mine?! I just do NOT understand his thinking! We've moved him back home because he was a total screw-up with his finances and it was impacting his roommate, who happened to also be his sister. We told her to look for another roommate and we'd move her brother back home. He asked us what would be expected of him and we said nothing except to pay us a certain amount each week that covers his bills (that we pay out for him because we are co-signers and we can no longer trust him to make the payments himself. Already, I have found out that he has made my credit rating score drop significantly enough that I was denied something that I was going for that wasn't ever a problem in the past.) So, things were fine the first couple of weeks, and then we went to Las Vegas for a week, leaving him at home. When we came back, no payment to me. It is now 4 weeks later, and he hasn't paid me a cent. In a whole month. Yet I've paid out his car payment (in my name). car insurance (he's on our policy and has to have it with the car loan) and cell phone bill (which was HUGE) because he's on the same plan with my hubby. Now, if he didn't work, I'd understand the problem, but the kid works as a waiter/bartender at the same place his brother does, and his brother lives on these wages quite well. I am fit to be tied right now!

Sometimes I can't stand my own kid!

Current Mood: pissed off
Friday, November 12th, 2004
4:18 pm
Hello Everyone,

My name is Janelle and I'm a sophomore Child and Family Studied major at Syracuse University. For my class I'm doing a parent assessment interview, and I was wondering if a single parent (who is currently raising a child/children under the age of 18) would like to participate and answer a few questions concerning parenting and how it has affected their relationship(s).

There are about ten questions I would be asking, as well as some socio-demographic information ( ex: age, relationship status,length of relationship (past or present), number of children etc)

If you would like to participate, please leave a comment with your e-mail address so that I may send you the questions.

Any participation would be deeply appreciated.

(x-posted in single parents)

Thank You
Monday, October 18th, 2004
10:06 pm
Go to bed!
One thing I am discovering is that living in a house with 2 teens means that my house is virtually never asleep. They will NOT go to sleep, nor have they figured out what privacy for mom is. It is worse than when they were babies, I swear it is. I remember fondly the days of naptimes and going to bed by 8 pm every night... ahhh the memories.

Now, the lights are always on, a TV or radio seems to always be on. There is always some one or some animal in motion and I am perpetually waiting for one of the boys to come home on time, no matter whether it is the middle of the day or the middle of the night. Remember the days when you sent your kids to their granparents house or at least to some lovely aunt and uncle's home for the weekend, so you could have "me" time? At some point that sort of ends, because they have social lives and don't want to have to be away for the weekend. I had one of those, a life, once, but it fell out of my pocket somewhere.

It's 10 PM do you know where your children are?

Current Mood: cranky
Saturday, October 16th, 2004
12:29 pm
The powers we wield
Why do I like Halloween season? I get to say things to my 13 year old like:

"I can take those fangs out of your mouth you know."

Current Mood: devious
Thursday, September 30th, 2004
5:58 pm
Chores... help
Im having an issue with chores at home. In our house we have myself and my husband, ( We are in our mid 30's), my 21 year old sister is staying with us while she takes a class in our town, We also have two 14 year old sons, a 12 year old son, and an 8 year old daughter.

Someone please tell me what you expect of your kids chore-wise....
because Im at my wits end. My teens have apparently gone on strike and one is giving me the cold shoulder. The younger two will do what I ask but usually not do a wonderful job, but I try not to say anything because I don't want them to give up feeling my expectations are too high. I *think* the older two are feeling like the younger two don't have to do anything. When really all I've expected of the older two is that they alternate doing the dishes. (which they haven't done for 7 days) AND I do wash the pans that cooked any meat, because the two older ones- one is vegan and the other is vegetarian, so I don't make them wash what they are offended by (meat). Maybe I have been too slack.. I just can't work full time, and pay bills, be taxi to everyone, and keep this house clean. I told the twins last night that unless they contribute to the house cleaning that I won't be driving them here or there, or letting them go out and do all the fun stuff they do. Needless to say one came home and went to bed, the other is still speaking to me, but not doing any chores today.

I'm not a neat freak or anything... I just need everyone to feel responsible to help.
Tuesday, September 28th, 2004
1:25 pm
Hello everyone!
Just joining......I have an 18 yr old son in college and a 14 yr old daughter in HS also, 2 grown step daughters. The question I have, my 14 yr old's homecoming is in about 3 weeks and we said we'd have an after party here at our house. She's going with a large group of girls, some having dates but most not and they are meeting at another girls house for the pictures, pre getting ready etc. I was thinking of having the parents over to my house after the kids leave for the dance. Anyone have any ideas/suggestions on what I should do to make this a success or should I just play it by ear? When my son was in high school someone else always had these events so I never did it for him.
Saturday, August 28th, 2004
8:09 am
My friend octopus_garden should be a member of this community.

Have a read at his very humourous entry about his kid moving out.
Thursday, August 19th, 2004
1:26 pm
Shall I let him live another day?
Time to vent, just a wee hair...

If my 17 yr old doesn't change the attitude he had last night his life may just come up short a few years. I suppose he wasn't actually as bad as a lot of other boys his age can be. He didn't cuss at me or throw things or storm around the house, but his attitude was one of complete disrespect and not caring. I will not put up with it. Example: I asked him if he had noticed he had shown up past curfew. His answer "oh really? I didn't look at the clock". When asked why he didn't at least leave a message to say he was running late he replied, "i did call. I figured you'd see the number on the phone." WTF? Then when I was telling him he owed me time for being late, he read a gaming guide. Didn't even bother to look up. How rude. I held myself back last night, but I do believe we are going to have a conversation tonight. The last time I saw this attitude he was arrested twice in the same year for pot possession. The boy was doing everything he could to avoid coherent conversation and eye contact. Not happening again.. nuh uh. He's done so well up to now too and he's a really pleasant person the majority of the time. The fear is the majority will become a minority.

You know it is an odd day when a 13 year old boy is more cooperative than the 17 year old.

Current Mood: confused
Friday, August 13th, 2004
1:44 pm
A topic!
It has been awhile since I've tried this *cough..no one responded last time..cough* I thought I might give it a go again.

The topic has to do with your reaction to your child's love/hate relationships. Do you sit back and let them make their own enroads and let them develop what you hope will be a healthy experience or do you actively participate and encourage what you think are good matches and discourage what you think are not good matches?

I've stepped in once with my 21 year old when he was 16. MM was dating someone that encouraged negative behaviour like outright lying to me about where he was, who he was with etc. She was also highly sexualized for a girl. I know most are, but there is something you can see in a young female that looks like she is a highly experienced 30 year old and not still a young girl. It was a sad and tense experience for both my son and myself. I had sworn I would never be one of those mothers that ended up on talk shows with their sons yelling at them. We are ok now, but it took a while to get there. That is a large thing.

This morning I almost suggested to my 17 yr old that he set a time for his summer love to call him. She's called 3 times when he wasn't there. I like this girl and I know he's crazy about her. My instinct is to do what I can to promote the relationship, but I caught myself and said "no". I will not suggest it. They are going to have to figure these things out on their own. If it is a thing that is meant to continue and is worth it they'll work on solutions themselves. I can't interfere. That decision was not painful! Yeahhhh happy mom moment for a change.

So .... what have you got?

Current Mood: accomplished
10:30 am
Cell phones GAH!
Hubby just called to screech about the cell phone minutes. A little background:

S1 (17)has a girlfriend that moved up to San Antonio last month. Since then, he has proceeded to eat all of our day minutes AND take a chunk out of our rollover minutes. The other FIVE...yes FIVE of us do not use that many minutes combined. Now when our phones blew last week due to a lightning strike, we were already over on the day minutes thanks to S1.

Anyhoo, hubby got S1 a Verizon because our Cingular does not work in the area of PA where S1's college is located. Supposedly the GF was also getting a Verizon plan so they could talk their fool heads off. Hubby checks on line today and S1 has already used up 392 day minutes in less than two weeks. GAH! He tried to explain to the lad that for what you can get hit in overage fees, you could buy a forkin' airline ticket and visit in person.

S1 just left a few minutes ago to drive up to see GF for the weekend, the last before he leaves for school. He has been told to get her straightened out on the cell phone rules here. sigh. If she would also get the same plan, then they would be sharing the burden here. He already does all the driving back and forth.

Is that so unreasonable? I am not, as I have been accused, trying to break them up or keep them apart. I am just not going to pay out the ying yang so S1 can moon on the phone all day. I do hope that when he gets out to school that he will not shun all the wonderful opportunities in favor of sitting on the IM or cell phone. *fume*

Current Mood: bitchy
12:15 am
We are very open minded parents. Some might say too much so, but it works for us. We talk to our kids about sex, drugs and yes even rock and roll!

We have let our kids watch, what we felt they were old enough to handle, depending on each kid. When my youngest 14, started watching "Adult Swim" on Cartoon Network, I thought I had better check it out. It is a couple hours of cartoons, aimed at the older viewer. At first it was like "Why are watching this crap?" Not because it was risque, but because it was stupid!

But then I discovered "Family Guy"! Oh...my...god! This show is the funniest thing I have seen in a while! The best part of it is, I have to try to explain why these things are funny, to my son! It has so many references to things he is too young to remember. He was like, "I'm glad you are watching this now, so I know what is going on."

Futurama is pretty funny too. NOW, the rest of the line-up really is stupid crap. :)

Thursday, August 12th, 2004
11:56 pm
Well I suppose I need to be official or something
We've picked up a few new members of the community, so official greetings one and all.

I do want to ask everyone to share not only the hard and harsh, but also your triumphs, so we can all share in those wonderful moments. I think we all need to see the good side of the story in order to get through the less happy side.

I never did get the right camera for pictures of my son's rooms, so here is a nudge reminder sort of thing.. if any of you have any amusing pictures of your kiddos room o' doom share share! Makes for a massively mutual bonding experience for parents around the world don't you think?

Current Mood: cheerful
11:25 pm
Hi, i found this community in 40SOMETHING. I have 3 teens, two girls 14,15,& my 12 yr. old son. Help, they're all so touchy. I can't go a day without all 3 of them yelling about somthing. And always to me, never my hubby. What's up with that. Well, all i have to say is school starts here next tuesday. Mama is hitting the mall, having alot of booze, then a big long nap. yay!~andrea~
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