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Shall I let him live another day?

Time to vent, just a wee hair...

If my 17 yr old doesn't change the attitude he had last night his life may just come up short a few years. I suppose he wasn't actually as bad as a lot of other boys his age can be. He didn't cuss at me or throw things or storm around the house, but his attitude was one of complete disrespect and not caring. I will not put up with it. Example: I asked him if he had noticed he had shown up past curfew. His answer "oh really? I didn't look at the clock". When asked why he didn't at least leave a message to say he was running late he replied, "i did call. I figured you'd see the number on the phone." WTF? Then when I was telling him he owed me time for being late, he read a gaming guide. Didn't even bother to look up. How rude. I held myself back last night, but I do believe we are going to have a conversation tonight. The last time I saw this attitude he was arrested twice in the same year for pot possession. The boy was doing everything he could to avoid coherent conversation and eye contact. Not happening again.. nuh uh. He's done so well up to now too and he's a really pleasant person the majority of the time. The fear is the majority will become a minority.

You know it is an odd day when a 13 year old boy is more cooperative than the 17 year old.
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