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Go to bed!

One thing I am discovering is that living in a house with 2 teens means that my house is virtually never asleep. They will NOT go to sleep, nor have they figured out what privacy for mom is. It is worse than when they were babies, I swear it is. I remember fondly the days of naptimes and going to bed by 8 pm every night... ahhh the memories.

Now, the lights are always on, a TV or radio seems to always be on. There is always some one or some animal in motion and I am perpetually waiting for one of the boys to come home on time, no matter whether it is the middle of the day or the middle of the night. Remember the days when you sent your kids to their granparents house or at least to some lovely aunt and uncle's home for the weekend, so you could have "me" time? At some point that sort of ends, because they have social lives and don't want to have to be away for the weekend. I had one of those, a life, once, but it fell out of my pocket somewhere.

It's 10 PM do you know where your children are?
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