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Hello, my name is VIctoria...I am 34 years old and have four children of my own Ash who is my 14 year old daughter, Kat who is my 10 year old daughter , Alex who is my 8 year old son, and Korbin who is my 6 year old son. I also have 3 "step" children( soon to be as my fiance,Ken, and I are planning to get married next year) Britt who is 15 year old SD, Curt who is my 12 year old SS, and Steph who is my 11 year old SD....We have full custody of all 7 children. My children get to see their dad 1-2 weekends a month (i.e. whenever he can fit it into his busy schedule) and my steps haven't even gotten to see their mother in 6 months. Their mother reeks havoc on our lives and always has in the 2 years I have been with K. My two step daughters live a nonstop life of therapy sessions as they are both diagnosed with mental issues...the 15 year old with A.D.D. and O.D.D. (oppositional defiance disorder) and the 11 year old with O.D.D. We also have Ken's neice, her hubby and their almost 2 year old living with us and I have finally hit my breaking point of patience lately...which is why I have started blogging:) We live in an 18 room house that we spend much of our time remodeling and daily life is so chaotic that I feel lost in the shuffle right now....I have to be will be starting up soon and I can't wait...well for many reasons, but I also substitute teach right now and I am dieing for a paycheck!!:)
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