Musing Mother (annielaurie) wrote in youwantwhat,
Musing Mother

I need a favor.... from ANYONE willing to help.

January 1, 2009, I was let go from my job. I have had two short term temp jobs since then, but that is it. My husband was also let go Jan 9th from a job he had recently started and only found a new job (at about half the salary of his old one) about two months ago, so he was also out of work for more than 8 months. We started an online store in the hopes that it would take the place of at least one of our jobs for income, and my new job would be the running of this website. We have put everything we had left into the developing of this website and have been trying since August to get movement to it.

My plea to everyone is NOT for purchases, I am not that bold to ask such a thing, but we have been having a really hard time getting other places to link to us, which is something you need to get page ranking with search engines. When speaking with people who work with optimization, they said I really need to get links to our website out there in as many places as possible, whether anyone actually visits the site from there or not. So that is my plea to anyone who reads this.

It would be GREATLY appreciated if you could just stick up a link to our website in any forum or group you belong to... just say it is a site you found, or even that you are simply helping out an acquaintance. Maybe you don't need to say anything at all, if there is a location for links at your group or website. You can even say something negative about it, I don't even care, since it is the actual placing the link on the page that will be helping us out. PLEASE?? Anyone?

Here is our website:

We are Pathfinder Portable GPS, an online shop specializing in small, handheld gps devices.

It would be vastly appreciated. I have no clue how else to get links since I have been trying for the last two months and have a total of two so far.

Also, please know that I am going to post a copies of this plea in any of the chat groups I personally belong to so don't have a fit if you see this alot, I am only going to do it this one time because I don't want to get anyone upset. But I have to try something.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out. It truly is very much appreciated. By the way, wherever you place it doesn't have to have anything at all do to with our items at all, it is just the fact that there is a link. THANKS FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!
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